You’re spending your Sunday’s with Sabrina Lloyd. With a start like this, your week is going to be that much better.

Most people think about Sunday as a day to rest and relax. Most people aren’t Sabrina Lloyd. For her, Sunday is a day to recharge yourself, and a day you can use to make yourself better, which is something you should do every day with no break. You want to lie around on your couch all day and do absolutely nothing? That’s not how you become great. Sunday is a day on which you have the rare opportunity to prepare to thrive in the battle of life, so you can live your very best life. Preparation is key, and don’t forget that.

Soldiers aren’t just born soldiers. They prepare and train to do battle. Only you know how hard you prepare, and if you’re putting the extra time and effort into honing your craft and becoming the absolute best at what you do. Only you can make absolutely certain that when the lights, camera, and action are on you, you are ready for sheer execution. You can either be a chump or a champion, and which one you want to be is obvious.

Sabrina Lloyd needs to remind you of a few ways in which you always need to be prepared.

There are THREE core assets to preparing yourself for your best life.  Mental, physical, and external support prepares you for all the challenges life throws at you.

You need to be mentally strong and tough. From a great mind, all the rest follows. Physically you need to be ready to meet any challenge and any altercation that can possibly arise, and be physically lined up with how strong you are mentally. You have to be a brick wall that people can’t just run through. Who is your support group? Who backs you up all the time, and who has you covered in unforeseen situations?

When you see someone who seems to be lucky all the time, that just means they are naturally operating at the level of success, and don’t even need to try to keep the basics of success in mind. There is no such thing as blind luck. If this doesn’t just come naturally to you, you can still come to know and understand success.  You can apply these tenants and apply them to your life in order to achieve success.

Inside all of us there is a seed of greatness, but it can’t bloom unless you water and nourish it. You must be ready to adapt to any problems and be fierce in the face of change.